Ruby Oak Art Gallery

Did you know that there’s now an easy, online way to not only buy framed or mounted paintings and photographs to adorn the rooms in your home or office, but to see what they will actually look like on your own wall before you even make a purchase?, an incredible website we can recommend, allows you to do this. You select from a vast selection of artwork with every conceivable subject matter, colour combinations, various sizes and different method of mounting or framing, then add your ‘possibles’ to your own gallery. You can then see them in various scenarios from the sample rooms already on the website. Begin your search for a painting by its painter, title or subject matter.

Another great feature of the site is that you can take photos of the walls you want to hang pictures on and upload them to your personal gallery. Calibrate or scale these wall photos so they will correctly display a chosen painting or print at its actual size. As most prints are available in several sizes, you can get a perfect fit for the available space.

Here’s an example of how a print (called Tropical Hideaway) they supply in various sizes and mounts or frames, might look above my living room fireplace.


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